Osun guber: Who actually decides  the  alliance/coalition with APC?

By Owolabi Labode

The tenets of political power in any part of global political community intrinsically rooted in dynamism, the consciousness to be flexible and respond to emerging trend,  with an ultimate goal of building an egalitarian society for the good of all. 

Lack of promptness on the part of political players to move with sociopolitical trend render politics practically inactive and less sophisticated in Africa,  especially Nigeria. 

Moving forward therefore,  the political permutation that resulted to victory for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC)  in Osun continued to dominate political space and public debate even beyond the shore of Nigeria. 

However,  it is pertinent to ascertain the rationale behind the formation of alliance and coalition that threw up APC candidate,  Gboyega Oyetola. 

This  should be a salient question on the lips of every right thinking individual,   before  the crucifixion of Omisore. 

Sincerely,  with a deep knowledge of the structure of the party called SDP, one would convincingly agree that Omisore has never taken any unilateral  decision on behalf of the party (SDP). 

When the situation arose,  SDP was positioned to determine who wins the election, Saraki visited Omisore to seek support,  and in  Omisore's wisdom , he threw the the decision to support or not to support PDP to the six SDP polical zones in Osun State,  to consider even before Fayemi of the APC approached him at all.

To put the record straight,  at the point when APC eventually approached Omisore,  the idea of conditions to be met by either party emerged and those working committees jointly came up with a template that was given to APC and PDP.

PDP chieftains and members alike in their arrogance believed they have won the election,  so no allies will be needed. Even as great as U.S is, the country will never go to any war without allies.

Meanwhile,   APC,  knowing what was at stake didn't only jump to the SDP offer, the party sent six serving Governors, the party Chairman and others for negotiations as a sign of seriousness. 

Behold, PDP still failed to retrace it's steps,  and take swift action of redemption,  instead , the party was busy filing court cases and called Omisore's bluffs. In a popular Yoruba adage,  " Nkan talaimokan fi nserare lo po ju".

Some are even saying SDP would have remained neural, which compelled every discerning individual to ask certain germane  questions as follow:

 If SDP took neutral stand, would PDP have won the election? Capital NO.

So,  what would have been the gains of SDP if it has decided to gullibly sit on the fence, the answer is ignominious loss, which is totally against the concept of inclusive politics. 

It is indeed instructive to note that SDP is  not human right organization but political party of which a lot of time and money have been committed. 

As it stands,  it is difficult for an average  masses to know what SDP has achieved on their behalf systematically  through negotiations,  but only  time will tell. 

It is therefore instructive to   leave Omisore alone; he is not a Dictator as many erroneously believe,  neither has he taken  any  decision to protect personal interest,   the decision to work with APC was taken by the party not Omisore.

By Otunba Yemisi Oladeji


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