MOWALEK partners NUPEC on Voter education in Osun

 By Owolabi Labode

A civil society organisation, Mowalek Centre for Sustainable Community Development, in collaboration
with National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC) Osun State Command has 
embarked on voter education through  door-to-door sensitization for electorate in Ila and Ifedayo Local Government Areas against the 2019 general elections.

The activity was part of the interventions of the Independent National
Electoral Commission (INEC) on capacity enhancement for citizens to guide against political apathy and electoral ignorance, especially on the collection of Permanent Voters' card (PVC) and the need for active participation. 

At the commencement of a week-long exercise, the project team, which
comprises  of project staff of Mowalek with officers and men of NUPEC,  led by Mr. Michael Olusesi Ebofin carried out familiarization
visits to the royal fathers within the project coverage areas to
receive their blessings for the task ahead.

The activities include: One-on-one interactions with residents on
streets and homes, while churches, mosques and palaces were also
visited. Informative, educative and communicative materials being
produced by the INEC were freely distributed to target beneficiaries
for an improved result. The materials were carefully prepared and
tested to ensure that they communicate behavioural/attitudinal change
messages to the general public, while some focused on issues of
serious concern. Such include:

       Come out and vote for your choice (No PVC No Voting).
       Don’t sell your vote.
       Accreditation and Voting Procedure.
       Specimen of Ballot papers.
       Vote, Not fight. Say no to violence.
        Election Offences and Penalties.

       Reduction of political apathy among the electorates through our interventions.

       Increased awareness creation on collection of permanent voter card
at designated locations.

       Enhanced understanding and knowledge of the electorates on the
correct way to thumbprint and fold the ballot papers.

       Enhanced understanding and knowledge of electoral process among the
electorates as they perform their civic duties and meaningfully engage
their leaders in order to ensure violence-free elections in their
various communities.

       Greater citizens’ participation in electoral process for true
democracy beyond mere casting of votes.

       Improved participation of women, youths and physically challenged
persons in the electoral process.

       Enhanced knowledge for the electorates in tracking and prompt
reporting of events within their communities to their leaders in order
to ensure peaceful conduct of election.

       Enhanced understanding and knowledge for the electorates about
election offences and penalties in the electoral act.

       Improved confidence building among the electorates to freely go to
polling units to cast their votes for their candidate without

       Increased awareness in curbing vote trading before and during elections and a host of other messages. 


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