The recent appointments of SSG, COS and Deputy COS in the state of Osun have witnessed mixed reactions from many party faithfuls and well wishers, what concerns us as a group however is the plight of APC in the future election if nothing is done to address the copious  lopsidedness which the appointments have created.

The people of Ife Federal Constituency are clearly the worst hit by the appointments as non of the three key posts was given to the area. This is very unfortunate considering rigorous performances of the people of the area in the last governorship election for APC couple with the fact that Oyetola's victory was sealed during the rerun at the same Constituency .

Why not bothering ourselves on crying over spilled milk, we are worried that the party echelons might have also concluded plan to foist the incumbent Party Chairman in the State, Prince Gboyega Famodun on the people as Party Chairman again despite having spent 6 years in the same position. It is also worthy of notice that the same Chairman is from Igbajo (same constituency with the Governor of the State)  which will eventually make the entire political merchinery of the state to be concentrated in that axis alone. While not watering down the impact of the Chairman in the  previous victories of our noble party and his unwavering commitment,  we wish to call the attention of leaders of the party to the seeming attempt to  ostracise the good people of Ife from the political relevance in the State.

In Ile Ife most importantly, there are many tested progressive loyalists whose unwavering commitment to the existence and survival of the party could not be easily quantified. It is therefore unfortunate that these people have become near objects of ridicule in their community due to the recent appointments which have  portrayed them as people of no substance in the political hierarchy of the state despite their repeated and unalloyed loyalty, supports and tolerance.

Perhaps, in the Osun Progressive Family, the only crime one can commit is to hail from Ile Ife!

There is need to have a stronger political party to complement the good and noble intentions of the Government and it is our believe that a Chairman of the Party from Ife Land is the only panecea. 

Some people have also clamored for the zoning of other important posts to Ife Land, we don't have any grudges against this and we believe when we get to that bridge we shall cross it together. What activity  is gaining currency now is the arraignment of party leadership and our community must not be shoved aside. 

With this, we are calling on the attention of all stakeholders in the state to have a cursory look at the plights of Ife Land progressives. For many years they have been bruised and abandoned, it is time we allowed them a beffiting space in the state's political arena.

Courtesy : Akinola Olayemi, Coordinator, The Progressive Like Minds 


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