Laugh Out Loud By Abimbola Abatta

I used to listen to a particular song while in school. The lyrics were just captivating, but somehow, I couldn't find it anymore. Yesterday, the lyrics just popped up on my mind, and I went online to seek Google’s help.

The song is “Dream Big” by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband. It's a pure song of hope, and my hopes came alive while listening to it yesterday. 

These words from the song got me thinking: “And when you laugh, be sure to laugh out loud cause it will carry all your cares away. And when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself, and it will help you feel okay.”

I asked myself, can genuine laughter ease my ache? Can it take my mind off worries forever? Well, it may not take away my problems in the literal sense, but if we learn to laugh even in difficult situations, our mental health will be revived. Our minds will be compelled to seek solutions when the mind is at ease. 

No matter how hard we try, we can't solve all the problems of the world. Besides, one person cannot bear the burden of the universe; this world can only thrive with our collective effort. Anyway, that's by the way. 

Laughing out loud in the face of trials may seem crazy. People might say it is insane, but laughter, here, should be seen on a deeper level. Laughing out loud when amid storms connote staying positive regardless of the babbling tempest. 

Those who stay positive in the middle of the war are more likely to win than those who fear the unknown. Laughing out loud can also signify calmness. When you encounter a tough situation, worry will only cloud your ability to proffer solution. Why don’t you cool down a bit?

Moving forward, when we learn to practise this laughing-out-loud method, our eyes will be open to the beauty in us and our universe. 

The woes and misfortunes of this world have maimed our inner eyes, and this has affected our perception. Some of us have been conditioned to see the bad, black, and bleak instead of the good, glowing, and glorious.

However, we can re-train the mind to see the beautiful things that reside in this world. As evil as the human heart may seem, you and I are capable of good. Even amid poverty, we can learn to seek abundance. Though the world may crumble, we can still redesign it. 

Remember, we can only do these when we begin to see pains as steps to growth. 

My attempt at sharing my thoughts may seem difficult to practice, but I believe in our abilities. We can learn to laugh out loud and see the beauty in our world.

What are your thoughts on today's subject matter?

Let's discuss in the comments section.

©️Abimbola Abatta


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