Re-Evaluate Your Intentions By Abimbola Abatta

When soldiers are on the battlefield, they have no other intention than subdue their opponents. In military operation, there is a concept called regrouping of forces. 

While surfing the web to learn more about this terminology, Wikipedia noted that the essence is to reinforce existing groups or create new ones to “repel an enemy offensive, to exploit the success of an offensive, to transfer efforts to new axes, or to replenish second echelons (reserves).”

Well, I am not a military lady, but in relation to today’s subject matter, if your goals remain static, you must re-evaluate your intentions and re-set your goals. It can be likened to the military’s regrouping of forces.

We all mapped out personal goals for 2020, and perhaps due to a reason or another, we may not be able to tick off each of the goals. It could be an emotional, relationship, financial, marital, or job goal. 

You will realise that you are stuck. You wanted to write and publish your first book, but you couldn’t. You had a destination in mind, but you did not get halfway. You anticipated a certain level of growth, but for some reasons, you did not achieve that feat.

When these and many more happen, you need to regroup your forces. Identify the things you did wrong as well as the things you failed to do. Why are you stuck? What hindered you from reaching that destination? Sit down and write out your answers. You can even discuss with your accountability partner(s).

Return to your vision board, and check the areas that need to be re-visualised. Deal with everything that needs to be dealt with. Ask pertinent questions; milk out information from your past progress and experiences. Take your time to understand what you need to improve or discard; know your why too!

However, it is not enough to know your identify your lapses, you must hold on to self-confidence even as you re-evaluate your intentions. Do not quit or relent. If you really want to succeed, you will go for it regardless of the time you failed and fell.

Before my pen takes a nap, reflect on these words by Pat Riley: “Shoulda, coulda, and woulda won’t get it done. In attacking adversity, only a positive attitude, alertness, and regrouping to basics can launch a comeback.”

Did you get value? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

Have a productive week ahead!

© Abimbola Abatta


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