What If Life Has Something Better To Offer You Tomorrow

“Once you taste hope, you will get addicted to it.” I heard this statement while watching a movie, and it struck my attention.

Hope is the assurance that the things we wish for can come to pass. It is the belief that the content of our dreams and desires can come to life.

Have you ever felt like giving up on life? To simply admit defeat. Your friends and acquaintances are making it, but your case seems to be different. But one day, something will just click within you, and the thoughts of defeat are wiped up from your spirit. That is what I call hope at work!

When your hope is alive, nothing else matters. You are not discouraged by the casualties and obstacles on the road. You never take defeat from life. Even when your strength is spent, you dig deep for hope, and you fight again.

Anytime those ugly thoughts of defeat arise, I tell myself, “What if life has something better to offer me tomorrow?” Even when giving up seems palatable, this question revives my hope. 

Before you pack up your goals and surrender to defeat, take a deep breath and ask that question. Picture the future you desire. Visualise the tomorrow you anticipate. Hope works together with visualisation. When you visualise your goals, your hope stays alive. 

This mental picture is an experience you don't want to relinquish. Once you taste this glimpse of hope, you get addicted to it. Imagine the future you want. Imagine how beautiful your life is. Picture how your dreams will translate to reality. 

Let the vision keep you going. Don’t remove your gaze from that source of hope. Even though your hope is shaky, the moment you fix your gaze on the vision, imagining the beautiful offers life has in store for you, you will keep pushing.

 This is my definition of hope. What is yours?

©️Abimbola Abatta


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