Keep Swimming By Abimbola Abatta

Yesterday, I saw a short video in which a mother fish was advising a smaller fish, and her words inspired me. She said, “When life gets you down, you know what you gonna do? Just keep swimming.” 

The year is young; it is like a newborn baby that is yet to experience life for what it is. No one knows what 2021 will unfold, but you must train your mind to keep swimming regardless of the outcome. 

I discovered, a long time ago, that reality comes in different shades of green. Green can depict freshness, vigour, sickness, naivety, gullibility, and lots more.

As you traverse through the journey of life, reality may not present you your desired green. Tempests will attempt to change your course; you may have to endure the sickly green for a season. However, like a fish, you must keep swimming. 

Don't dwell on the grip of the storm. It might be unnerving, but you will reach the bay if you keep swimming. Even though you are immersed in the sea of trials, don’t quit in the middle of your storm. Keep pushing. 

2021 is not for quitters. It may feel as if you are drowning; don't be afraid. Just keep swimming. It is either you sink or swim. Won’t you rather swim than sink? 

The giant glitches on your path must not deter you. Even when your strength is spent, you must glide through the wave. The sharks of life will try to shake you; roar back with confidence! No matter what 2021 brings your way, keep SWIMMING.

So, when life hits your head on the corridor of reality, don't stop moving. Keep swimming till you reach the shore. And when God is the captain of your ship, you have nothing to fear.

Happy New Week!

©️Abimbola Abatta


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