The Missing Piece You’ve Been Waiting For By Abimbola Abatta

“Show yourself; you are the one you’ve been waiting for all of your life.” 

The words quoted above were culled from a video, and the message struck a chord in my heart. 

I have always anticipated a spectacular event in my life that would usher me into my paradise. However, these words changed my thought pattern. 

Instead of waiting for that “bomb” that will “blow” your trumpet, why not show the world the stuff you are made of? Instead of waiting for opportunities to come and meet you, why not position yourself to create opportunities? 

You may have to wait your whole life, expecting the unknown to happen. But at times, you have to be bold enough to dive into the unknown. The hidden part of you could be the miracle you’ve been waiting for all these years. 

Challenging yourself to be better could be the call that will propel you towards the path of purpose. Investing in yourself could be the step that would position you for breakthrough. Be better; grow and manifest.

You have a thick layer of abilities, and you’ve not even started utilising them. Sadly, many of us don’t know what we are capable of. Until you start manifesting your abilities (by showing yourself), the problems you were created to solve may remain unsolved.

Your skills and talents can transform your life and the world around you. It is high time you stopped hiding behind the facade of fear, lies, and timidity. Start showing yourself. Let the world encounter the real you. 

The day you start showing up, the world will appreciate you for embracing that call. Show up as a writer, teacher, manager, designer, coach, charity giver, trainer, etc. 

Every human being is like a missing piece of a puzzle. Until you start manifesting who you are meant to be, the puzzle will remain unsolved. As an integral part of life’s puzzle, you must identify where you fit in, and solve the puzzle.

Dear friends, unleash the goodies in you. Reveal the person inside of you. Allow the world to taste the fruits of your purpose.

Remember, you are exactly what the world needs. As Jennifer McMahon puts it, “You are the missing piece that makes everything else magically click in place.” 

Cheers to you!

©️Abimbola Abatta


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