What If I Die Today? By Abimbola Abatta

I still saw her last week Tuesday at NAWOJ Congress. One of my senior colleagues jokingly prayed that I would get married this year, but I dismissed it and laughed. But this woman said, “Don’t say that again. Simply pray that you won’t miss out on God’s plan for you.” 

Who would have thought she would be declared dead yesterday? I was numbed when I heard about her death. It was all over the groups. The news came as a rude shock to everyone who heard about it. 

I remembered when I first got to Osun State in 2019. I was in search of a job in the media world. Someone connected me to her, and she directed me to the Correspondents’ chapel. That event, to me, foreshadowed the change in my career. We never met then; we only spoke on the phone. 

Months later, when I eventually got my first job as a journalist, I would always pray for her within me. I am sure she did not remember that kind gesture towards me. But Mrs Folake Alonge will always occupy a special place in my heart.

Since morning, I have been thinking about the inevitability of death. It comes without warning, and we can’t escape it. I always ask myself, “What if I die today?” How will the world remember me? How will life after death receive me? 

Last year, a woman died, and a neighbour said, “Is it that woman that is abusive in nature?” Bearing in mind that our actions on earth determine where we would end up when we die, let’s live with the thoughts of tomorrow. 

This year, many of us have renewed our resolutions. “I will do this. I will do that.” Those who have died cannot make plans. They cannot set goals. So as you wake up each day, utilise that opportunity. Make things right with the world. 

Show nothing short of love to others. The world may hate you, but you must not repay it with hatred. Pursue your purpose with passion. Don't just leave memories, leave indelible footprints. And when you leave, the world will learn from you and emulate your virtues.

Before you hate, fight, steal, cheat, backbite, deceive, backstab, kidnap, murder, etc, ask yourself, “What if I die tomorrow?” Once you die, you can’t undo the damage you’ve done. Neither can you erase the memories of how you lived on earth.

©️Abimbola Abatta


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