Why Must You Grow? By Abimbola Abatta

Personal development is like a seed you invest in yourself. When a farmer plants a seed, he does not leave it to chance. He will tend the plant until he harvests the farm produce. 

In the same vein, personal development requires constant nurturing. It is not like a love-hate relationship. It is either you are growing or not. You must patiently and consistently tend your life until you produce results. 

Typically, plants cannot grow without light, air, water, nutrients, and space. When these factors are put in place, in adequate proportion, growth becomes possible. But if you remove separate these elements from plant, death becomes inevitable.

So, if you really want to make something out of life, you must be prepared to invest time, energy, and resources. Be sold out to activities that will improve you, and when you grow, nobody can snatch it from you. 

Like a plant that requires light, air, water, nutrients, and space to grow, your life needs the right association, personal investment, goals, training, etc. to grow. 

Self-development is incomplete without mental, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional wholeness. You must put the right resources in place to balance these five elements. And when these are balanced, you grow into more as you achieve your purpose.

Norman Mailer said, “Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less. One is always living a little more or dying a little bit.”

Those who deny themselves of self-development are embracing silent death. If a farmer denies his plants of the five elements mentioned earlier, will the plants grow? No! So, when you fail to grow, you die gradually. 

However, you can avoid this slow death if you are sold out to self-development. See every experience as an opportunity for growth. Don’t despise your everyday encounters; they are components that nature design for your growth. 

Before my pen takes a nap, we seek growth for a purpose that is larger than ourselves. Imagine the lives that will benefit from your growth. (And imagine the lives that may perish if you fail to grow.) So, seek growth, and when you grow, you will find meaning in life. 

Will you seek growth today? 


©️ Abimbola Abatta


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