Utilise The Strength Of Your Youth By Abimbola Abatta

“Look for a dark goat first in the daytime because you may not find it at night.” —African Proverb

If we are to dissect the proverb above literally, you will agree with me that a missing goat cannot be found at night. In the same vein, a time will come when your goals may become too difficult to accomplish.

As a young person, there are things I can do as a result of my youth which an aged person cannot do. When it comes to goals and achieving them, we must make hay while the sun shines.

Yesterday, my pastor said something about the dew of the youths. I realised that it is the season to follow our dreams and passion. We can’t waste away our youth and expect a miracle at old age. No! It isn’t done that way!

To avoid regrets in the future, toil the ground today. Utilise the strength of your youth while it is still at its peak. 

Though people will say it is better late than never, we must understand that we are wired differently. While tomorrow may not come for some people, others may be fated to shine at the zero hour.

What stories will you tell the generation after you? When my grandpa was alive, he would talk about how he struggled when he was younger. The days of trekking in the hellish sun in the bid to acquire formal education among others.  

A time will come when those dreams will lose their fervour. You won’t even relish the beauty of success anymore because you are closer to the grave. 

Do the needful now! Get out of your comfort zone. Reduce your sleep. Cut down on unnecessary spending. Manage your time well. Work towards making an impact.

So, while the light is still bright and your energy is not consumed, find your purpose. Don’t wait till nighttime before you begin the quest because it may be too late.
And as I have always stressed, always involve God in every of your activity. 

©Abimbola Abatta


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