Never Underestimate Your Ability By Abimbola Abatta

Everyone on earth was born with varying degrees of capacity. We have innate abilities which, when further developed, can position us for a life of fulfilment.

Many a time, I have undermined my ability, only to surpass my expectation in the end. Imagine being invited as a guest speaker. At first, you try to reject the invite because you thought you could not handle it. But in the end, you deliver and you are wondering how you were able to do it.

A lot of experiences have taught me to never underestimate the abilities deposited in us. When ability collides with passion, the impossible becomes a reality. When enthusiasm meets with skills, you become highly sought after.

Notwithstanding your background and past, you are capable of achieving greatness. Your life may seem useless at the moment, but sooner or later, the world will marvel at the depth of your worthiness.

Do you ever wonder how certain individuals who were deemed worthless suddenly emerge from that side of life? When David faced Goliath, the world undermined his ability. But when he overcame the giant, people stopped underestimating him. 

Despite your abilities, you will encounter failures and rejections. JK Rowling's manuscript, Harry Potter, was rejected twelve times, but today, the novel is quite a success. 

Oprah Winfrey was once considered unfit for the TV, but she was not deterred by that ugly assumption. She defied all odds, and the woman who was once unfit became fit.

How about Walt Disney? At the outset of his career, he was seen as someone who lacked creativity. Despite the initial rejection, he gave the world an incredible amount of creativity. 

Take a look around; you will see many more individuals who were not held back by the myopic view of the world. While the world was blind to their abilities, they were alive to them. Though the world, at first, did not value them, they went ahead to show their value.

As you sail through the sea of life, never underestimate your worthiness. Do not undermine your ability. But you must first BELIEVE in YOURSELF. And you can be more than the world can imagine.

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© Abimbola Abatta


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