Opinion: Strong But Tired By Abimbola Abatta

We stand on the precipice of death, yet we live and live again. We feast with wars that never end, yet we survive. We live each day with so much energy, vigour and strength that we never imagined our world would fall into shambles. 

All of a sudden, there is a shocking turnaround. Time seems to be at a standstill and we begin to grope in the shadows as darkness envelopes our soul... 

Hmmm, we all come to that point in our lives where we are on the brink of crumbling. Our dreams, hopes, faiths, passion keep falling into pieces that seem impossible to put back together. 

Our misty eyes look on with shocking fascination at the mockery of life that stares at us. The soul is crushed at the gory sight of ruins, decay and death of dreams. 

Our mind begins to wonder... We tell ourselves that we were never strong. We live in denial of the good lives that we once had because it seems like a millennium ago. The mind begins to lose control of the light. It regresses into the abyss of insanity. 

Listen, regardless of all you are passing through, you are strong. 

It is very much okay to be tired. Strong people cry too. Don't hold in the tears. Don't bottle up the emotions. Release them all. You are only human if you shed tears. Cry as much as you want, but don't give up.

Yes, tiredness will, at some point, eat up our bones. Fatigue may spread its blanket upon our flesh. Weariness may wrap its weird arms around our neck. But, it is a sin to succumb and give up on life. 

So, what do you do? REST! God rested on the seventh day. Why won't you rest too? 

You need a break from these wars. You need to take a rest from constantly shouldering all the problems in the universe. You are not a stone that neither feels not grow weary. We are bones and flesh, not made of steel. So, we'd get tired at times.

This is why you must be surrounded by the fragrance of life — family and friends. In this trying phase, they'll help you back to your feet. God, the creator is the anchor that will help find the shore to your peace. Fret not, you will regain the lost strength. 

Remember this, even if you are tired, even when fatigue is seated like a king upon your soul, you are STRONG. Strong people don't bow to tiredness. They do not refuse to rest either. All you need might just be a little bit of rest and break. Before you know it, you are back, bouncing with strength and vigour. 

Though we stand on the brink of death, yet we live again.
Though we drown in the sea of weariness, our strength lives again. Though we are tired, we are stronger than tiredness...

Cheers to you!

©Abimbola F. Abatta


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