We Chose Girls As Sex Partners To Avoid Pregnancy – Students

By Bamidele Kolawole

A lesbianism scandal shook a popular public secondary school in the heart of Akure metropolis as some three girls (name withheld) were caught fondling themselves in the school toilet.

The discovery, according to an eye witness account shocked students and staff of the school system as the teachers and HODs of the school which was situated in Obaile scambled to settle the matter and to nip the evil trend in the bud.

Without making any report at the police station as lesbianism is punishable by law as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution with a 14-year jail term if found guilty, they took the three teenagers and their parents who were summoned to ask for the girls’ involvement in the dastard act.

The students( name withheld) were caught by one of their teachers who saw them during the act while they were putting fingers in each other’ s vagina in the school toilet.

It was gathered that Sidikat Rasheed (not real names) and two other teens, who are in JSS 3 were caught in the act.

Findings revealed that the aforementioned student, a 14 year old, Tumininu Adeoye, 16 year old, and Precious Akinyemi, 15 year old (all not real names) were students of the school and have been lovers for some years.

The suspects were beaten by some teachers for committing the abominable act which is against the constitution of the country as well as the customs, traditions and belief of the people of Ondo State.

According to reports, Sidikat Rasheed acted as the male in the relationship while the others were like the wives. They all confessed that they have been fondling themselves not only in the school but also at their homes.

During the interrogation, Tumininu, whose mother is a prophetess confessed that it was Sidikat that lured her in to the act, saying she has been fingerring her in the private part since she was in Jss2 and they have been enjoying the experience.

She stated “Sidikat came to my mother’s house when she was at the mountain where she ussually goes to pray. we had sex in my mummy changing room, which was an anteroom to her “power room” because not everybody was allowed to enter the room.”

She narrated that she had grown addicted to the act saying she now enjoy it whenever Sidikat fingerred her.

“The first time that Sidikat would have sex with me was when we were in JSS 2. She asked me what was the colour of my pant when she came to our house. I quickly opened my cloth to show her. Immediately I opened it, she started touching my private part. She gently put her finger in my vagina and I was moved. Then we started kissing each other.

“Sidikat warned me not to tell any body saying she loved me and that I should not allow any boy to have sex with me so that I would not be pregnant.”

While commenting on the ugly development, Precious , the third girl stated that it was Sidikat that also lured her into the act.

While sharing her experience, she confessed that Sidikat gave her waist bead to wear, saying they were now big girls and they needed to look good.

“She invited me to visit her one day. when I got there, there was nobody at home. She asked me to let her see the bead she gave me. She admired it by touching it on my waist.

“During that process, she touched my vagina, I thought it was a mistake. But during the second time, she told me she loved me.

“She started touching parts of my body. She inserted her finger into my vagina from there, we were romancing ourselves.”

She noted that since then, she has been doing it to her and that the last time they did it, she discovered that something like pus was coming out of her private but she doesn’t know what was responsible for it.

She noted that her father was never aware of the lesbian act they were both engaged in as it was kept secret.

While speaking, Precious’ father noted that he was disappointed in his daughter, saying he had been warning her to watch the type of people she moved with.

“I wanted my daughter to stay with me since the separation of I and her mother, but she refused, saying she preferred staying with her grandmother.

“She was raped by one of her cousins where she was staying, I persuaded her to come to me so that I could monitor her like a father, she refused.” he lamented.

With tears in his eyes, he wondered how a girl could finger his daughter to the extent that her vagina would swell up and pus would emit from the part.

He seemed emotionally distraught and it took a while before he could get himself together.

Also Tumininu’s mother, the prophetess, noted that it was Sidikat that influenced her daughter because her daughter was a responsible girl. She claimed that Sidikat was possessed by demons because what the girls were doing together was not an ordinary act.

Her words “It was Sidikat that influenced my daughter, she can not think of that terrible act. My daughter is a prophetess and I know that the spirit of God is in her.

“Sometime ago, there was a heavy rain and storm. It was my daughter that prayed and made the storm to abate,” she said.

She promised that she would be praying for her and the spirits that are disturbing her will disappear and she will come back to her normal.

She urged the school authority to separate her child and make her not to move with the other girls saying she would also be monitoring her at home.

Sidikat’s mother, Mrs Isiaka said that she was not pleased with her daughter saying that she was trying her best to make her feel comfortable.

The mother who had other nine children apart from Sidikat noted that she should behave herself well knowing that she was not only her daughter and warned that if she misbehave, she would disown her.

“It was a surprise to me, I never heard such from her siblings, I gave birth to ten children, if she want to misbehave. I will disown her.”

The head of the department urged all the parents to take good care of their children and not allow them to be involved in such act anymore.

According to her, the three students would be dealt with because of the misdemeanor saying that the school authority would not condone such acts in their institution.

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