When There Is No Silver Lining By Abimbola Abatta

Have you ever been hit by frustration like an abrupt windstorm? Perhaps you have been working, pushing, hoping, and praying for your own breakthrough, but it seems out of your reach. What happens when there is no silver lining? 

The phrase, “silver lining” signifies hope, faith, assurance, and positivity. When people say every cloud has a silver lining, it means good lies within a seemingly bad situation.

Many of us are at a point where we anxiously await that miracle. We have dreams, aspirations, and lofty ideas. But one piece of the puzzle seems forever missing. And we begin to ask questions, wondering why paradise is far away. 

Forget the appearances portrayed on social media. The man that seems so strong is probably doubting his masculinity in his closet while dying gradually beneath the weight of responsibilities. The lady that seems so successful could be dangling from the rope of high expectations and unpaid bills.

We all have our inner battles, the secret warfare that often keeps us awake at night. You might have been working hard and smart yet nothing good is coming out of your Nazareth. In fact, you might have lost sight of the silver lining.

Stop there! 

We are quick to wipe off a dusty surface because we consider dust worthless and unwanted. But do you realise that God created life out of dust? He saw beyond the lifeless particles. He saw merit in what would have been unworthy.

Regardless of how unpleasant your situation might be, you can create pleasantness out of it. I have seen goal-getters who achieved their goals despite their hopeless circumstances. 

To the untrained eye, lifeless Adam was nothing but a statue, a beautiful work of art. But when God breathed life into him, he became a living being. 

Dear friends, when your silver lining seems unreachable, you can never go wrong with the breath that comes from God himself. 

© Abimbola Abatta


  1. A beautiful piece of encouragement to the discouraged. Thanks and God bless you


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