Your Actions And Inactions Can Alter Your Narrative By Abimbola Abatta

No one determines where they come from, but we can define where we go from there. 

If some of us had the chance to choose a lot of things such as family, ethnicity, nationality, etc., we would have gladly jumped on the offer. But since we can’t, our subsequent actions and inactions can greatly influence where we end up in life.

In as much as education is a scam in Nigeria, I won’t be where I am today without formal education. Although I couldn't have known how my life would have been if I was illiterate, I restate that formal schooling is shaping who I am at the moment.

Education is something I could choose. While some of us would do anything to be schooled, others would rather venture into business right from the outset. 

Even though your past cannot be erased, you as well as God determine where you end up. (Well, that's even if you include God in your life.) 

Perhaps you were a victim of rape while you were a child, your choices will dictate how that incident will shape your life. You can either embrace bitterness, hatred, and unforgiveness or emerge stronger from the ugly incident. 

Even since I became a young adult, every step I have taken has, in one way or another, influenced my life. 

You can’t change your past narrative without taking action. Some of the successful people we know today were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but they purposed in their hearts of hearts to re-write their narratives. 

Similarly, regardless of the hurt, pain, disappointments, and ugliness of the past, you can reset the course of your life. The pattern of your future can be greatly influenced by the people you connect with. Your associations can propel you towards the path of greatness. 

So, don’t dwell in the bleak world of the past. Don’t hurt yourself based on those events you couldn't have changed. Rather than live in the past, define your desired future. 

Even though what has happened cannot be changed, what will happen can still be determined. You don't re-write history; rather, you learn from history and change the narrative. 

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©Abimbola Abatta


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