Shout Out To Decent Workers Out There By Abimbola Abatta

Every first of May is a day for celebrating workers all over the globe. And if you are a worker in Nigeria, whether as an artisan, business owner, civil or public servant, etc. you are the real MVP. 

In a world where many people laze around, waiting for manna to fall from heaven without a drop of sweat on their face, I doff my hat at YOU.

I know people who work their heads off on multi jobs. They want to survive through honest means. Even though what they earn is meagre, they are prudent managers of resources. It's not easy to work on one job, how much more three to four jobs. 

Kudos to entrepreneurs and business owners who are dedicated to their sources of income. Despite the days of low sales and losses instead of profits, you remain true to the hustle. 

A giant shout out to salary earners who take up their job as if it's their father’s business, not minding the insults from certain mightier-than-thou bosses, low welfare packages, half salaries, delayed salaries, and lots more. 

I do not doubt that we all have stories to tell. Stories of bitter and sweet experiences we encounter on this journey of survival. 

My first paid job was as an undergraduate. I worked as a home tutor at an income that was just a bit above N5000. I simply wanted to augment my pocket money then. 

Don't even let me start with my income immediately after NYSC. But despite the setbacks on the journey, some of us would rather earn peanuts honestly (while seeking better opportunities) than embrace ventures that flout ethics, legal and moral values. 

Regardless of what you do, be proud of your hustle. I am not even near where I want to be. I have not even started yet, but I trust the process. And I am proud of my wins.

Never despise the days of humble starts. The genesis might be thorny, bleak, and unrewarding. But if you persevere till the end, life will reveal manifold blessings that have always been waiting for you. 

Miracles don't happen to lazy people. Opportunities will not meet you when you are passive and idle. 

The woman with the issue of blood took a step of faith. At all cost, she found a way to touch Christ's garment. She could have stayed at home, waiting for Jesus to come and meet her. But she made that decision. 

Have faith as you build your connection. Have faith as you network for opportunities. Have faith as you work hard and smart. Have faith as you fulfil your obligations. 

Hold on to resilience. It will help you on dreary days. Never give up on yourself. Things will get better. Beans might take hours to cook, but you will eventually enjoy a hot meal. 😊😊

So, how has it been as a worker? Let's chat in the comments section. 

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