Religious Tolerance As A Social Instrument Of Cohesion; The Alabi Dynasty Of Ikire Example

By Adeola Ajayi, Ikire

Many people were marveled at the recent news that went viral, in which a Pastor, Mr. Oluwaseun Basil Alabi, renovated a 60-year-old mosque, popularly known as  Alatise mosque, situated  around  Popo junction in Ikire, Irewole Local Government Area of Osun State.

The public applause the gesture elicited indicates the place of religion in the social psyches of the people and emphasizes the need for social reorientation towards harmony and unity of purpose,  irrespective of religious beliefs.

Also, the gesture further gives credence to the notion that there are people of impeccable background with consciousness for humanity despite the level of societal rot and seeming disunity  in our societal structure and modern setting.

Going forward therefore, the gesture was intrinsically a product of an inherent philosophy of a dynasty in the sleepy town of Ikire, the popular Alabi family of ile Elere.

The late patriarch of the dynasty, who was a leading elite of the town during his life time, Baba John Oyeyemi Alabi, was a rare breed in all ramifications, who was a rally point for the town in all developmental initiatives, not minding his faith and political ideology.

Like Pastor Alabi rightly recalled in his remarks during the commissioning of the renovated mosque, the late Alabi played a leading role during the construction of Ikire Central Mosque despite his deep rooted background in the Catholic faith.

That was the robust foundation of societal change instilled  in the psyches  of all members  of the family irrespective of their chosen careers and affiliations.

As Vincent Van Gogh rightly puts it,'' The best way to know God is to love many things'', obviously, the love of  humanity, Ikire and the State of Osun has clearly saddled  this leader of thoughts with  historical responsibility of governance in our dear state with fear of God.

It is on that note that I congratulate the highly cerebral  and energetic Deputy Governor of the State of Osun, Mr Benedict Olugboyega Alabi, the man who imbibes  the family's ideology passionately to the letter.

It is therefore  noteworthy that our dynamic Deputy Governor has led by example while following the footstep of his  father and  the patriarch of Alabi  dynasty of Ikire, which now resonates  in his younger brother.

I hereby congratulate the family and enjoin them to sustain the tempo of this great virtue.


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