Excess ‘Zobo’ Intake May Cause Miscarriage, Nutritionist Warns

A nutritionist, Mrs Solape Ige has said excess Zobo intake by women can reduce the production of oestrogen, cause miscarriage or premature labour during pregnancy.

Mrs Ige who stated this in an interview with The Hope in Ondo said zobo should be taken moderately in order to enjoy the health benefits of the drink as it can help stimulate menses.

She noted that Zobo drink is known to stimulate the monthly menstrual flow and taking it in excess during pregnancy can make the woman have a miscarriage or premature labour.

The Nutritionist added that Zobo is made from Roselle leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa), the delicious drink is not only refreshing but without any additional ingredients, those hibiscus flowers used in making zobo are highly nutritious and as such there are many health benefits.

Also speaking, a medical expert, Dr Raphael Awolope described Oestrogen as a female sex hormone produced by the endocrine system.

He noted that this hormone serves as a key function in puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, bone strength, and maintaining the normal cholesterol levels of the body.

Awolope said that studies have shown that taking too much zobo drink, especially daily as a woman can lower the chances of getting pregnant as it lowers the production of oestrogen.

According to the him, a low level of oestrogen simply means no ovulation and when a woman is not ovulating, they cannot get pregnant.

The medical expert said, asides fertility, zobo drink is also good for women who suffer painful cramps while menstruating as it provides natural relief, saying it is also medicinal and it contains antioxidants that can help protect the baby and her mother from toxins.

Awolope said, the irony about zobo drink is that it negatively affects female fertility, it is very good for men, adding that statistics has shown that 30 percent of couples infertility is due to male infertility as men can also have fertility problems.

He further said that the drink is very effective in male fertility and also helps to improve sperm count and motility when ginger is added.

The expert noted that apart from the negative effect, zobo drink prevents eye problem and enhance eye health, It helps lower high blood pressure and fights against anaemia.

Awolope further said that the drink help solve the problem of indigestion and constipation by improving the digestive system, it reduces menstrual pain, it helps in treating liver disease, It contains anti-cancer properties and promotes weight loss among others if taken moderately.

Hope Newspaper


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