Patients With Scorpion Bite History Have Tendency To Resist Anaesthesia—Expert

Patients with history of scorpion bites have a tendency of exhibiting resistance to bupivacine spinal block anaesthesia, medical expert says

Ifeanyi Kene- Aghadi of the department of Anaesthesia, Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital, Kaduna, disclosed this on Tuesday in a presentation at the ongoing 2021 Nigerian Medical Association scientific conference in Kaduna.

He advised anaesthetists to always ask for history of scorpion bite in any patient due to undergo surgery under spinal anaesthesia 
“Scorpions bites are relatively common in our environment especially, in our villages. 

“There are reports of failed spinal anaesthesia of patients as a result of scorpion bite and is important we always get the history of scorpion bite from patients during pre-anaesthesia review”, he said.

Kene-Aghadi added: “A 32 year old female patient with multiple fibroids was admitted for myomectomy. Adequate history was taken and general physical examination and all routine laboratory investigations were done within normal limits.

” Under aseptic precautions, subarachnoid block was performed at the level of L3- L4 inter space with 25 gauge .quinckes needle in sitting position, using 2.5ml, 0.5 per cent hyperbaric bupivacine.

” Thereafter, the patient was put in a supine position. Despite waiting for 20 minutes, the patient did not show any signs or symptoms of sensory blockage.

” The patient was made to sit up again and spinal anaesthesia was repeated at L2-L3 interspace. A total volume of 3.0ml of 0.5 per cent hyperbaric bupivacine was injected after confirming the free flow of CSF.

” After the second attempt to give spinal anaesthesia failed, we converted to general anaesthesia to continue with the procedure. After the uneventful procedure, the patient was taken to a high dependency unit for observation.”


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