Two Percent Chance Of Survival Is Not Zero Percent By Abimbola Abatta

Who has your faith challenged? Has your confidence ever triggered confidence in others? When friends and family interact with you, do your words ooze hope or despair? 

I get it, life has dealt with you a zillion times. Perhaps you have been tagged a good-for-nothing by friends and foes. Life might have toppled you over repeatedly, but should that break your guts? 

I once came across a beautiful lady on America's Got Talent Show. She is Nightbirde, and she's been battling cancer for years. One of her utterances got me thinking about how ungrateful I have always been. 

Despite being diagnosed with cancer, she said: “I have a two percent chance of survival, but two percent is not zero percent.” 

What is that if not an awe-inspiring faith? 

I can only imagine what she must have been through and what she still going through. And I am damn sure it is not a sweet journey. Yet, this lady was beamed with beauty, hope, faith, and confidence as she stood before the audience to inspire hope. 

Rather than sit in your room and wallow in self-pity because life has not favoured you, why don't you let your life inspire faith in others? As I write this piece, I have battles of my own. I’ve got gigantic mountains that need to be levelled. But you know what? I am not going to give negativity the chance in my life. 

Negative thoughts will come, but they should not override the frequency of our positive vibes. Fierce battles will arise, and even though we may lose some, we can conquer others. 

The fact that Nightbirde chose to be hopeful doesn't erase her cancer. But it sure makes life easier. Which do you think is better? Giving up because you think you have lost 98 percent of your chances of survival or holding on to the remaining 2 percent because somehow (just somehow), it might be the window to your miracle? 

In the words of Michelle Obama, “You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.” 

Give courage a life of its own. Let your faith inspire the same in others. Pass on hope unto the hopeless around you. Let your life be a living testimony to those that surround you.  And always remember that a 2% chance of survival is not zero 0%. 


I am Abimbola, and I desire to etch impact, influence, and inspiration through written words. I hope you were inspired by these words. You can always reach out to me here: 

©Abimbola Abatta


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