You Can't Re-write The Past, But The Future Lies Ahead By Abimbola Abatta

The past is like your shadow. You can't escape it. The more you try to hide from that dark haze, the more it follows you around. No hiding from it, yet you can keep moving even though it is there, at the background. 

You have the power to heal from the wounds of your past. The scars will still be there just like the flickering shadow that pops up here and there. The scars remind you of the things you withstood. And they propel you on the track of progress. 

Take a look at those who have made progress in life. They are ordinary people just like you and me. However, their will to live transcends their will to die and remain in the past.

You cannot re-write the past. But the future lies ahead. What will you write on the slate?

© Abimbola Abatta

FOOTNOTE: I am Abimbola Abatta, and I desire to etch impact, influence, and inspiration through written words. I hope you were inspired by these words. You can reach out to me here:


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