Farmer Kills Brother For Gossiping About Him

•I wanted to teach him a lesson , not to kill him – suspect

Twenty-seven -year old Livinus  Michael  Eweje, is cooling his heels at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID of the Ogun State Police command, for allegedly killing his cousin during a fight in Oloru village.

He is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison, except the court states otherwise.

The course of his life endeavor took a sad twist on July 21,2021, after he landed his fist on the cousin,  Emmanuel Eba, during a fight, causing him to slump.

Unfortunately, Emmanuel did not recover from that attack, as he was confirmed dead  at  the General hospital in the Odeda area of the state.

Since then, Micheal has been into hiding until he was arrested recently.

In this interview with Crime Guard, the Benue State- born suspect expressed regrets over his action, wishing he could be given another opportunity to right his wrong.

Recalling the genesis of the misunderstanding  that degenerated into a fight with his late cousin, the secondary school dropout said “I am from Obi Local government area of Benue state. After  I dropped out of school , I became  a full time farmer. My parents are farmers and we were born and brought up in Ogun state.

“ Later, I started my own farm. I cultivate yam, cassava, tomatoes and pepper.  I also help other farmers for a fee. We collect as much N50,000 to clear at least five  plots of land.

“Emmanuel was my paternal  relative.  We grew up together in Oloru village.Our relationship was smooth until a few months back  when  I started hearing rumors that I was not  clearing my client’s farmland properly .  Normally when one  gets a  contract to clear a field or weed, the owner  pays an advance fee. I later realized that   my contractors started  insisting  that I finish the entire work before I get paid.

 ” Even  when I argued that it was not possible because I needed to feed and pay for transport, they insisted. I later found out that it was Emmanuel that was busy spreading falsehood against me.

“I confronted him and even reported him to our elders. I thought he would stop but he didn’t.

“When   I got another job, the owner reluctantly paid  me  N10,000 advance for a job  that would  take up to a week to finish. 

“I went ahead to  clear the farmland. But when  I called the owner who is based in Abuja for my balance, he told me he won’t  pay me the balance  until he comes in person to inspect the work. When I demanded to know why, he said  Emmanuel had warned him about me.

“I was so angry .I rushed home, met   Emmanuel and  confronted him. Instead of apologising,  he started laughing. I told him to go and retract his statement about me if he wanted peace. He continued laughing, saying he would not. 

I lost my cool because that was the only means of survival for me. We started fighting. I beat him up thoroughly. People around later separated us but by then he was panting. I ran away when I noticed that he was lying on the grass and still breathing like someone about to die.

They took him to the general hospital. I was in the farm, when I heard people crying that Emmanuel was  dead. I was devastated and I knew that if I showed up I would be lynched.

 I hid in the forest that day until it was dark. I  sneaked into my room through the window and took some clothes and the only cash left in my house.

“I ran to my brother’s house in Sango and told him what happened. He was the one that took me to the police station the next day.  ”I am sorry and I beg for forgiveness. I know that I cannot bring back the dead. I only wanted to teach him a lesson”.



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