Manipulating People’s Destinies Through Owambe Parties

By Maria Famakinwa

Mr Tire was invited by his friend to Ogun State for a golden jubilee birthday party of his friend’s school mate. He was glad to honour the invitation because it was an opportunity to visit his family’s house which he left since he relocated to Ondo State two years earlier.

According to him, the serene atmosphere of the party, coupled with assorted food, meat and wine, convinced him that he was at the right place at the right time, as he and his friend were being ushered to their seats. After he sat for about 30 minutes and the party was yet to start fully, Mr Tire seized the opportunity to visit his family house where he spent an hour before returning to the party venue.

He said, “as I was trying to make my way to my seat, I met a family friend who was very close to me when I was in Ogun State and was surprised to see me at the party. 

After exchanging pleasantries, she excused me outside and asked if I had tasted anything at the party. I told her that I went to our family house and that I was just coming back because the party had not fully commenced when I came an hour earlier. She congratulated me. I asked why, and she made it known to me that this was not a party where I could eat or drink because it was organised for an ulterior motive. I asked her how she got to know, and she disclosed to me that one of the caterers, known to her, saw her at the party and warned her against eating or drinking anything because she was dear to her.

“The woman told the caterer to come out clear about her findings, because she needed to be convinced of what the caterer was telling her. It was then the caterer revealed to her that they caught two men very early in the morning sprinkling water over all the drinks and the raw food they wanted to cook, while chanting some words in low tone.”

Mr Tire said that the woman after revealing the secret to him left immediately. “When the woman left, I lost my peace and called my friend who invited me to the party, asking him if he had eaten. He said that he had not tasted anything because he was busy supervising the servers to be sure everyone was served. 

I told him that we should be going, that this party was not meant for us. He asked why I said so and I explained to him what I have heard. It was then he remembered that as he was supervising the servers, some guests at the party refused the food and drinks served. We left the party immediately without telling the celebrant,” he revealed.

This writer spoke with a caterer who pleaded anonymity also confirmed that some people hide under the guise of parties to harm innocent guests. She explained that she usually fast and pray before going to any social gathering to cook, in order to avert any evil, as she narrated her recent experience.

She said,” I was contracted sometimes ago to cook at a birthday party. Very early in the morning of the occasion, the celebrant brought six 20 litre gallons of water to me, that it must be used to cook the rice and meat, which I did because I was under close monitoring. Besides, I had no choice but to obey since I was working for my money. When I finished cooking, I ensured that I did not taste the food, meat or drink, and I prevented my servers from tasting anything as well.”

Asked if there was no water in the compound, she said that there was enough water, but since that was how the celebrant wanted it, she could not do otherwise. She said, “the celebrant knew what he was aiming at before instructing me to use the water he brought from somewhere for cooking, with close monitoring to be sure I obeyed. Caterers see a lot. One just have to be careful of the party to attend. Not all parties are organised for genuine reasons,” she warned.

On how she was able to measure the accurate condiments she used while cooking, she said, it takes experience. “most times, I cook without tasting. I gauge the condiments with the quantity of what I am cooking. Thank God there was no complaint about the cooking.”

To get more facts on whether social gatherings are being used to hunt unsuspecting guests spiritually, this writer spoke with a traditionalist and some clerics.

In the words of a traditionalist, Mr Jimoh Fasiku, he disclosed that the easiest way to attack people’s destinies these days is organising a party under the guise of birthday celebration, burial, wedding, house warming, chieftaincy titles, among others to attack unsuspecting guests. He said, “I must make it clear that not all parties are meant for evil, but one need to be careful and be sure of any party before attending.

“If unfortunately one eats at a party meant to short change people’s destinies, the victim will become very sick and the sickness will defy all medications, except there is a divine intervention. 

However, if the person eventually dies, the spirit invoked on whatever he/she ate at the party will be working in favour of the celebrant, depending on the directives given. It is not only limited to food or drinks, even taking uniform clothes (aso-ebi) or receiving gifts are other ways through which evil-minded people operate to manipulate other people’s destinies. 

One of the Nollywood movies, “Abela Pupa,” written and produced by Ebun Oloyede (Olaiya Igwe), revealed most of the secrets. One must be very careful to attend a social gathering, because the harsh economic situation is pushing many to do the unthinkable,” he warned.

Asked if people came to him for such purpose, he said yes but that he made them realised he could not do such.

In the submission of Chairman, Ondo State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Ayo Oladapo, he explained that attacking people under the guise of social gathering was possible in African setting due to rumors of people using diabolical ways to get rich, but that he did not believe in such as a child of God.

His words,”children of God cannot fall victim of any evil because the Bible says that he who is in me is greater than those in the world. Also, in Numbers chapter 23 verse 23, the Bible says that there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel. Despite this, children of God must be careful because the same Bible admonishes us to watch and pray.”

Also, the Imam, Police Officers’ Mess Central Mosque, Akure, Alhaji Taofiq Akintola, who described the development as pathetic explained that it was a corporate style of doing “yahoo” and said that it was not surprising because many want to become millionaires over night.
His words: ”That some people hide under any kind of celebration these days for the purpose of money ritual is expected. It is a corporate way of doing yahoo and must be addressed before it spreads further. 

Why are people celebrating birthdays and not death days? It is very disgusting that people are looking for any means to get quick money. Some time ago, it was eating bread with faeces and stealing female underwear. Now, it is through social gatherings. The only solution is for people to be holy, Godly and always seek God’s protection because we cannot protect ourselves,” he said.


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