2023: Ogun West And Necessity For Consensus Candidate

Since the creation of Ogun State on 3rd February, 1976, from the defunct Western State, by the Military junta led by the late Murtala Mohammed, power distribution and sharing among the three socio-cultural components of the state have been imbalance against the people of the West, comprising majorly the Yewa, Awori, Egun and other clusters .

The chronicle of political epochs  in the Gateway State,  specifically democratic administrations  indicates a power sharing arithmetic continually  domiciled between the East and the Central and  perpetually  putting the West at bay  in the status of second fiddle.

While genuine concerns and efforts  of critical political stakeholders in the state and beyond  have resulted to various moves towards changing the narrative on the grounds of fairness and equity, several factors within the zone and from outside had prevented it from coming to fruition.

Despite the quality and quantity of human resources from Ogun West and the strategic location of the zone, absence of clarity of purpose and cohesion among the people  have been militating against array of efforts to balance the political equation in the State to the advantage of the West.

There is no doubt that many leading political players and thought leaders in the State, especially from the other two Senatorial Districts are being disturbed by their conscience, in the face of seeming political inequality and injustice against Ogun West.

However, no matter the degree of political sympathy and solidarity Ogun West enjoys from other zones and individuals with political influence across the state, there is urgent need for internal resolve among the people of the zone to have a common front towards achieving their goal.

Since politics is all about negotiation through constant consultation and pragmatic engagement, what should be  the necessary and urgent next line of  action for political gladiators in the Senatorial District now is to commence genuine negotiation and robust  consultation within the zone for formidable consensus and further engagement across the state.

Strictly speaking, comprehensive analysis and empirical investigation of events have shown a downward trend in the political debacle in the zone, with the last gubernatorial election of 2019, which indeed signalled hope of imminent  accomplishment for Ogun West.

For instance, in 2011, two candidates from Ogun West, namely : Gboyega Nasir Isiaka and General Olurin contested for the governorship seat in the state, in which Olurin came second,  losing the election to Ibikunle Amosun with margin of 188,000 votes.

Again in 2015, Gboyega Nasir Isiaka and Senator Odunsi, both from the West vied to become governor, eventually, Isiaka lost to Ibikunle Amosun with 100,000 votes.

The 2019 election, where Gboyega Isiaka contested again alongside Hon. Adekunle Akinlade, also from Osun West was a watershed in the political history of the zone, Akinlade, running on a relatively new political party lost the election by a whisker  with a tiny margin of 19,000 votes to the Incumbent governor, Dapo Abiodun.

The above chronological index of election cycle in the state clearly indicates a downward trend in the degree of loss against candidates from Ogun West,  as a result of increased political engagement across the state and strength of personalities involved. Regrettably, the  vicious circle of electoral loss continued due to lack of internal strategy of negotiation and consultation to reach a formidable consensus.

Going forward therefore, the recent political reality in the state has necessitated a conscious rethink and renewed strategy among political gladiators in Ogun West.

Serious negotiation and consultation must commence immediately in the Senatorial District; it is on that note that we want to commend the display of patriotism and maturity by Mr Gboyega Isiaka, who recently announced that he would not be  contesting during  the 2023 governorship election in the state.

So, from all indications and in line with the present political permutation in the state, all eyes and attentions are in the direction of the last man that springed a surprise in the political space, the man who displayed uncommon political dexterity and sagacity of virile engagement across the state and beyond party lines.

Adekunle Akinlade, the young, dynamic and responsive administrator and politician is the man of the moment and by the preponderance of public opinion across the three Senatorial Districts in the state, Akinlade remains the point of compensation and emancipation for Ogun West.

Aside his impeccable pedigree and impressive academic background, he had carved a niche for himself as a vibrant lawmaker and seasoned administrator with remarkable achievements.

Akinlade, by his unprecedented record at the poll in 2019 has proven beyond any reasonable  doubt that he possesses the requisite capacity, acumen and personality to break the age-long jinx of political stagnation in Ogun West and liberate the zone into a new dawn of inclusive governance.

As it stands, every individual from Ogun West, irrespective of party affiliations or geographical location must readily come together in unison and utmost agreement to advance the cause of the zone by supporting Adekunle Akinlade as a consensus candidate for the zone.

It is crystal clear that with Akinlade as a consensus candidate for Ogun West, coupled with the present mood of the state and the sympathy the zone presently  enjoys across the state, the coast is clear for victory come 2023.



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