Ogun 2023: PDA, A Willing Tetherball

Recent developments in Prince Dapo Abiodun's faction of the APC calls for great concern by well-meaning stakeholders of the Ogun project. Like the proverbial turtle, PDA is being misled by no other person than Hon. Tunji Egbetokun who, from the inception of the administration in 2019, never hid his preference for Sen. Olamilekan Solomon Adeola's (Yayi) agenda. 

A very reliable source within their camp claimed that Egbetokun was quoted as saying that his primary business is to make sure that PDA and SIA do not resolve their differences. 

They asserted that knowing SIA as a God-fearing man, if PDA were to genuinely approach him and seek his forgiveness, SIA will oblige him. This they believe will automatically end Yayi’s planned incursion into Ogun State political space, so they hatched the plan to continually instigate PDA against SIA by telling their mutual friends and political associates unkind words about his former friend knowing fully well that those words will get back to SIA thus creating further cracks. 

Their ultimate plan is to present Sen. Olamilekan Solomon Adeola (Yayi) for Governor in 2023. How they hope to achieve this remains a mystery.  After encouraging PDA to throw jabs at SIA during the “legacy” projects' commissioning by Mr. President, they commenced recruitment of party stalwarts across the State for their 2023 "Yayi for Governor" project. 

When asked what will become of PDA's re-election bid in 2023, Egbetokun was quoted to have said that PDA is a goner because they have enough materials on him for “abuse of office” to force him to step aside quietly whilst paving the way for Yayi in 2023. 

The source who attended one of the many meetings in a Lagos hotel was surprised that people who were supposed to be PDA's confidants are the ones scheming to blackmail him. The source further claimed that he met Sen. Olamilekan Solomon Adeola (Yayi), Hon. Tunde Olaotan, Hon. Tunji Egbetokun and others in the hotel trying to convince them that PDA will not contest in 2023. 

To this end, PDA should look inward for his enemies because whatever they claim to have on him must be strong, for Yayi to port from Senatorial Aspirant (W to W) to Governor of Ogun State come 2023. This said, PDA should as a matter of urgency make peace with his God and seek forgiveness from SIA. How Egbetokun and Olaotan plan to sell an Ekiti man as Ogun indigene remains a big riddle. 

That Egbetokun is a sly, cunning and manipulative character is no news, that he feeds fat on the ambition, greed and ego of our political leaders is also a forgone fact, what is sad is that we continue to create the space for him and his likes to fester. At one time or the other, it was OGD against SIA, then SIA against OGD, now it’s PDA against SIA. It is of note that these three gentlemen were friends at some point but lost themselves to ambition, greed and ego. So like a virus - Covid, Egbetokun simply saw fertile hosts to feed on. 

Unfortunately, the ultimate loser in all of this is Ogun Stare. Another character with very questionable past that want to be governor in 2023 at all cost and who is  manipulating his closeness to Awujale is Mr. Jimi Lawal. This individual was indicted for embezzlement by a commission of enquiry, he literally killed a bank and ran away. But like others, he got away on technicalities and loopholes in our legal system. H.E Ibori is another character that exploited our legal system but met his Waterloo in the UK. If Mr. Jimi Lawal had committed these offenses in the UK, he would still be cooling his heels in prison, but alas! this is NIGERIA. He too wants to earn his retirement payoff from our collective treasury at 64!.

In reality, it is time PDA settled with SIA and by extension the SIA political family. The likes of Egbetokun and Olaotan must not be allowed to continue feasting on their ego. SIA and PDA should close ranks for the greater good by making sure that the interest of our dear state is put before any other interest. PDA should “clean” up his financial dealings and make sure that funds appropriated are well recorded. As an accountant and Chairman Senate Committee on Finance, Yayi has the resources to dig up any financial dirt on PDA. A word is enough for the wise.

Signed:  Bode Ajibola


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