Amosun Desperate Conspiracy (ADC): The Path To Political Ditch In Ogun

One of the most instructive postulations of a celebrated political philosopher and leading thinker, Socrates, is that," A good leader must recognize problem before it becomes an emergency".

A critical evaluation of the above thought simply implies that majority of political leaders around the world, especially in the third world countries, who ended up in irredeemable political oblivion were those with spontaneous response to issues without recourse to proper planning and empirical analysis of situation as a guide to logical conclusion and subsequent decision.

In line with this thought of Socrates, the former Governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun, is one of the leaders with absence of requisite temperament to recognize problem before it becomes an emergency, he is a man with fire brigade approach out of self aggrandizement and egocentric tendencies.

Suffering from chronic self-delusion, Ibikunle Amosun, completely failed to realize the dwindling trend of his political influence and popularity in Ogun State at the tail end of his administration in 2019, unfortunately, that problem eventually became a serious emergency situation for him now.

Going into historical allusion, it can be safely conclude that Amosun's draconian attributes solely responsible for the present woes that befell his once virile and vibrant political structure and formidable family.

He started with his unrepentant hostility against his estranged friend and incumbent Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, who wanted to secure a senate ticket in the first place but met a stiff resistance to his ambition from Amosun, and the rest became history.

Obviously, if the Senate ticket had been given to DA, it would have been a smooth victory for a promising and brilliant Adekunle Akinlade, in 2019.

Thereafter, instead of addressing the pressing issues with decorum and logic, and commence aggressive mobilization towards 2023, Amosun emasculated his foot soldiers on the alter of his presidential ambition by signing off on DA second term.

The Owu-born Chartered Accountant vehemently prevented his foot soldiers from using APM to start political struggle early, only to later reprobate and attempted to use the same platform to promote his vindictive political agenda, in which he was ignominiously blocked.

Because the former Ogun State Governor now became more vulnerable after losing billions of naira on his failed presidential ambitions, he was readily available for manipulation by the likes of Amb. Sarafa Isola and others, which compelled him to pick a once recalcitrant ally, Barr. Biyi Otegbeye, an erratic political character, who snubbed him in 2018 to run on the platform of APC.

In truth and indeed, Amosun’s “choice” of ADC is nothing but a conspiracy to stop his erstwhile foot soldiers from achieving political emancipation after keeping them in suffocating political jackboot for many years.

He recently displayed strange political cowardice while publicly declaring to stop DA from getting a second term, meanwhile, his original intention is to stop PDP at all cost; that is why he is presently in bed with Jimi Lawal, Segun Sohunmi and Segun Seriki (all PDP distractors). 

Putting it more succinctly, Senator Ibikunle Amosun cares less if DA wins a second term as long as PDP does not succeed, the reason why he is running around in Abuja to stop the Ladi Adebutu/ Adekunle Akinlade team, who are the real face of PDP in the State from contesting.

There is no doubt that this move is nothing but efforts in futility, it is therefore, incontestable that the PDP in the State is a moving train and highly unstoppable irrespective of the " Amosun Desperate Conspiracy", that is bound to end up in unimaginable ditch and pathetic oblivion.

Akinlaja Ajasa writes from Abeokuta.


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